Joyroom Hlcy019 Sky Series Cold Light Screen Car Air Purifier

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- High-density activated carbon filter to quickly eliminate odor.
- Induction of various odorous gases, TVOC adaptively adjusts the working state and is more worry-free.
- Pressure air volume blower, combined with high-density carbon filter cotton, allows dust to escape.
- Adaptive temperature, humidity, and in-vehicle status, making driving more arbitrary.
- Release the negative ions, so that the oxygen content in the car is enhanced, and it is refreshing.
- Live a more self-contained personality, add your own perfume at any time, temperament life is more exciting.

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JOYROOM HLCY019 Sky Series Cold Light Screen Car Air Purifier

Product Specification :

- Brand : Joyroom
- Model: HL-CY019
- Name: Sky series car purifier
- color: Dark Gray
- material: metal + ABS
- Input: 5V 1.5A
- Power: 4W
- Power mode: cigarette lighter power supply USB to MICRO
- Function: eliminate odor, filter dust, sterilize, absorb TVOC gas, display temperature and humidity, aroma function
- Purification principle: high density activated carbon filter
- Applicable space: less than 10m
- Noise: less than 30dB
- Air volume: 30 cubic meters / hour or more
- N.W: 300g
- Size: 70x70x180MM
- Package Size: 109x80x222mm

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